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My name's jaruga.

Infosec Engineer Technical Writer

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My name is Celeste. I'm a young, critical thinking out-of-the-box problem solver with a diverse palette of skillsets and a passion for information security, anonymity technology, written languages and open-source software.


It's always important to get a feel of the person getting hands-on with your cyber intimates. Here's a quick bio:

  • Name: Celeste A.S.
  • Pseudonym: jaruga / har00ga
  • Birth Date: July 28, 1996
  • Location: Montreal QC, Canada
  • Job Titles: Information Security Engineer Technical Writer
  • Certifications / Licenses: Certified Ethical Hacker - CEH Licensed Penetration Tester - LPT
  • Languages: Rust, Ruby, QML MD, Rst, Mallard, HTML5, CSS3
  • Biggest Tech Loves: Mixnets, containers, ARM / SBCs, tiny hard/software, vintage tech, OS dev, blockchain, writing CLI games


I have several talents and abilities that come in handy for all sorts of different jobs. Below is an outline of some of my strongest.

  • 80%
    Webserver Testing
  • 75%
    Network Testing
  • 80%
    Webapp Testing (OWASP)
  • 85%
    Applied Cryptography
  • 90%
    Technical Writing
  • 70%
    Web Development
  • 75%
    UX / UI Design
  • 85%
    Project Management
  • 80%
    Branding & Marketing
Work experience

What's my history?

I have both lead and followed in many different fields and industries. Below is a list of my IT-related employment and project history.

Technical Writer - Outreachy internship

May 2018 - Aug 2018

The Tor Project

Selected from over two dozen applicants for a three month full-time internship with the Tor Project as a Technical Writer. My primary responsibilities were updating and rewriting the current documentation and ultimately constructing the new support portal as well as drafting updates to the Tor Browser user manual. Complete changelogs of all my work can be found here.

Director & Treasurer

June 2018 - Present

Lo Initiative

Founded and manage a non-profit organisation that has the goal of providing technical skills and equipment to youth in developing parts of the world. Primary responsibilities include webdevelopment, co-ordinating efforts between the volunteer network, the development team as well as performing administrative aspects.

Founder, Head of Marketing & Producer

Apr 2017 - Present

Magenprod, Inc.

Founded, operate and manage an international media production company based out of Montreal. Responsibilities include planning and execution of business and marketing strategies, designing branding, talent scouting, maintaining social media channels as well as co-ordinating a team of contract producers across the continent and a system administrator in the UK.

Information Security Engineer

Jul 2016 - Present

Mint Security Solutions

Obtaining contract work as a freelance Penetration Tester and Applied Cryptographer. Most commonly performed services include real-time system and network tests, compliance testing, cryptography, security consultancies as well as incident response. Work varied significantly in scale and complexity; from personal sites, webstore front-ends, healthcare IoT devices, corporate networks and more.

English Teacher

Jul 2014 - Dec 2014

Projects Abroad - Togo, West Africa

Volunteered as an English Teacher and orphanage worker for six months in the West African nation of Togo. Taught classes in the morning to 5 classes of 50 - 75 students each, ranging in age from 11 - 20. Visited a local orphanage in the afternoons to play, study, help out with chores and offer emotional support to the 15 children whom lived there.

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing, Developer

Jul 2012 - Apr 2015

Ventresca Seberras Racing - VSR

Co-founded and partially managed a distribution company that specialised in high-performance sprint karts and racing accessories. Headed branding and marketing efforts from the track to the internet as well as developed the homepage and webstore. On the year I sold my equity (and our third year of operation) the company had cleared $100,000 in sales.

Founder, Developer & Lead Marketer

June 2011 - September 2013


Developed, launched and operated a classifieds site dedicated to sprint karts and racing accessories. Posting an ad was free; revenue was generated by selling advertising slots on the page to teams and distributors within the industry. Sold the company in 2013.


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Twitter: @har00ga
Keybase: @har00ga
Homepage: har00.ga

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